Acorn WTNBD: 12" Warwick Double Handle Dummy Set - Black Rough Iron

SKU: acorn-WTNBD

Acorn WTNBD: 12" Warwick Double Handle Dummy Set in black rough iron finish. Dummy set. Includes two handles with escutcheons and deadbolt trim collars. Does not include latch set or deadbolt. Warwick collection.
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Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer:

  • UPC: 052763069220

  • Width: 3.50" / 88.90mm

    Height: 12.00" / 304.80mm

    Depth: 2.50" / 63.50mm

  • Manufacturer Product Number: WTNBD

  • Type: Dummy Set

  • Finish Clarification: NOTE: The finish information in the name and description refer to the color and texture of the item. Refer to the Base Material specification for the composition of each item.

  • Country of Origin: USA

  • Base Material: Cast Iron

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