Shop our range of crystal cabinet knobs. Quality & price guaranteed. Free shipping on orders over $99: Knob Deco Crystal Cabinet Knobs - Save 5% to 20% Instantly For those of us with a soft spot for the precious metal crystal you have landed at the premier landing spot for crystal cabinet knobs.  Crystal is often associated with jewelry and glass hardware and we do not disagree it goes great around your finger or wrapped around a glass of wine.  But expanding your crystal ownership by decorating your kitchen with crystal knobs is only second to that crystal necklace you covet.  Crystal cabinet knobs are a huge hit in the cabinet hardware industry and many interior designers are gushing over all the new exciting designs of crystal knobs.  The higher end crystal cabinet knobs are studded with Swarovski Crystal by such brands as Topex Hardware and Alno Inc.  There are also value crystal knobs made from lower grade metals offered by popular brands such as Cal Crystal.  Do not worry, even the more affordable crystal knobs look beautiful and possess the decorative shine we all love from crystal cabinet knobs.  Another fun option with crystal cabinet knobs is moving away from the clear crystal look into a colored crystal knob such as red or black.  Colored crystal knobs still maintain the crystal shine and feel of crystal but add a stroke of flare to your kitchen.

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