Shop our range of red cabinet knobs. Quality & price guaranteed. Free shipping on orders over $99: Knob Deco Red Cabinet Knobs - Save 5% to 20% Instantly Red cabinet knobs are a sure fire bet to brighten any home.  The color red is often associated with love in the symbolic form but when it comes to cabinet hardware interior designers use red cabinet knobs as a way to spice up a room. Adding a collection of red knobs to your kitchen, bedroom or bath is a bold choice to decorate a room and complements more modest colors such as a brown or black.  Want to make a statement in your kitchen?  Installing polished red cabinet knobs against black cabinets will accomplish your goal and certainly open your eyes every moment you are around them.  Some of the most popular red cabinet knobs we sell are molded in glass and acrylic metals providing an ultra bright shine in uniquely shaped designs.  Be sure to check out the Brands Sietto and Hot Knobs which boast some of the most decorative red cabinet knobs at Knob Deco.

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