Shop our range of stone cabinet knobs. Quality & price guaranteed. Free shipping on orders over $99: Knob Deco Natural Stone Cabinet Knobs - Save 5% to 20% Instantly Natural stone cabinet knobs are one the best ways to compliment a new countertop, cabinets and flooring for your kitchen.  Making a large remodel investment like installing a new granite countertop or kitchen island is a huge investment and it is not complete without matching it with the same stone cabinet knobs.  There are several precious stones available today turned into cabinet knobs which many folks do not realize.  If you value making an investment like a marble floor for your bathroom then you will appreciate the beauty of decorating your bathroom with stone knobs or your shower door with marble stone knobs as well.  Stone knobs tend to cost more but you will see the quality and craftsmanship in every piece.  Some of the more popular stone cabinet knobs are granite, marble, amethyst, quartz and labradorite. Each stone knob is one of a kind and often we recommend ordering in batches to ensure uniformity amongst the different colorations in each piece.  Myterra Gemstone Hardware and Turned in Stone feature the largest collection of stone cabinet knobs.

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